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Corporate Citizenship Webinars

Stay ahead of the topics and trends that are shaping the future of corporate citizenship by tuning into our monthly webinars. Led by speakers from leading corporations and research organizations, these content-rich events provide an opportunity for participants to connect and learn without leaving their desks.

Upcoming Webinars

WEBINAR | Disaster Prevention, Resilience, and Relief

OCT 9 - Join us to hear practical advice for establishing effective disaster-related strategies and tactics.

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WEBINAR | Engaging Remote Employees through Corporate Citizenship

NOV 13 - Join us to hear practical tips and insights from corporate citizenship professionals who have helped remote employees stay engaged through volunteerism opportunities, recognition programs, and more.

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WEBINAR | Center Member Orientation

NOV 20 - This complimentary 30 minute power session will review the knowledge products, industry research and services that are available to you as part of your membership, how you can access these services and how we can help you advance in the field of corporate citizenship.

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WEBINAR | Good Data Habits for Corporate Citizenship Professionals

DEC 11 - Join our conversation with professionals leading the way in data-driven corporate citizenship.

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Webinars are complimentary for individuals from member companies. $99 for nonmembers.

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Recent Webinar Recordings


Corporate Governance 101

WEBINAR: In this webinar we鈥檙e going to focus on the "G" in ESG. The field of corporate citizenship includes managing and reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. What exactly is the role of the corporate citizenship professional in corporate governance? How can corporate citizenship professionals support and promote healthy corporate governance within their companies? Tune in to hear corporate citizenship professionals discuss how they play a role in corporate governance issues, such as business ethics, diversity, and data protection/privacy.


The Keys to Issue Selection

WEBINAR: Selecting the right issue to address through corporate citizenship is half the battle. In this webinar, CSR leaders discuss strategic efforts to select the issues for which the company's investment can have the greatest impact.


Maximizing Your Performance in 2019

WEBINAR: As we kick off a new year, corporate experts from UPS and Medtronic talk about ways to plan for and measure corporate citizenship programs to ensure even greater impact.


Corporate Citizenship Trends to Watch in 2019

WEBINAR: Explore trends that may evolve in the coming year and hear guidance on how to generate benefits from these emerging movements.


70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights

WEBINAR: Corporate citizenship professionals discuss human rights issues they are involved in and why these issues are material to their business.


Corporate Giving on #Giving Tuesday

WEBINAR: This webinar provides examples of how companies have leveraged #GivingTuesday to create a sizable impact through corporate giving programs.


The Role of Corporate Citizenship in Diversity and Inclusion

WEBINAR: How CSR professionals can help advance diversity and inclusion in their companies and why doing so is critical to the success of the organization.


The Why and How of Green Organizations

WEBINAR: How to commit your company to implement and communicate "green" organizational practices that recruit and retain employees, cut costs, and advance the goal of environmental sustainability.

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